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We live in a world where sending a text brings people to tears. With all the text messages we send, why not find a greeting card that makes someone feel seen, no matter the occasion?

ElevenThirtySeven started in honor of Dyneisha Gross' beautiful relationship with her late grandparents who made it their goal to gift the best greeting card to celebrate her every win. The name derives from her grandparents Sherrae and James who were both born on the eleventh day of their birth month. Thirty (3) for James who was born in March and Seven (7) for Sherrae who was born in July, the core of ElevenThirtySeven.


ElevenThirtySeven is for art lovers, gift-givers, and those in between who want to find the perfect greeting cards and goods that replace a simple text. Whether it's someone's new beginning, a coming-out celebration, or a simple thank you; sending a card you can hold is better than a text could ever be.

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